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Finishing Touch Flawless™ Puts Fresh Spin on Valentine’s Day
Wayne, NJ / February 1 – Finishing Touch Flawless™ is reminding women everywhere that Valentine's Day no longer relies on, or revolves around, having a significant other or partner reenforce your self-worth. Instead, the beauty brand is encouraging women to treat themselves to a little self-love this Valentine's Day by indulging in some of today’s hottest self-care trends – like a bath-time ritual, or skin-imalism – with their at-home beauty solutions and spa-inspired devices.
Finishing Touch Flawless™ Nu Razor Introduces Advanced Dry-Shave Technology
Wayne, NJ / February 22, 2021 - Finishing Touch Flawless™ announced today the worldwide distribution of its revolutionary hair removal device, Finishing Touch Flawless Nu Razor. The 18 karat gold-plated razor boasts a new technology with more than 200 hair removing contact points, each with diamond-like cutting precision, for the best dry-shave experience yet, including no nicks, cuts or irritation.
Finishing Touch Flawless™ Delivers the Fab Four in Bringing Spa-like Experiences At Home
Wayne, NJ / January 18, 2021 - Finishing Touch Flawless™, the Church & Dwight Co., Inc. (NYSE:CHD) beauty brand, is taking at-home beauty solutions to new heights with their newest line of spa-inspired beauty devices. In an unprecedented move, the Brand is launching its fabulous four to bring spa-like experiences into the comfort and safety of your own the home. From professional style mani-pedi tools to vibrating and massaging body and facial cleansing devices, Finishing Touch Flawless is providing everything you will want and need to create a new you in the new year.
Finishing Touch Flawless™ Brings Salon and Spa Rituals into the Comfort and Safety of Home with Flawless Cleanse
Wayne, NJ / February – Finishing Touch Flawless™, the Church & Dwight Co., Inc. (NYSE:CHD) beauty brand, is taking at-home beauty solutions to new heights with the launch of their newest skincare tool, Finishing Touch® Flawless Cleanse. Made with a 100% silicone head, this revolutionary cleansing device bring a spa-like facial treatment into the comfort and safety of your own the home.
Finishing Touch Flawless Launches Fourth Beauty Device in Four Months
Wayne, NJ / January 25, 2021  – Finishing Touch Flawless™, the Church & Dwight Co., Inc. (NYSE:CHD) women's beauty brand, is reshaping self-care by providing innovative easy-to-use beauty devices for use in the comfort and safety of your own home. The latest new product, Finishing Touch Flawless Pedi, is slated to launch in early January and is the fourth new salon/spa-inspired beauty device - among Flawless Cleanse, Flawless Cleanse Spa, Flawless Salon Nails, and now, Flawless Pedi - to hit the marketplace in just four months.
Best Selling At-Home Beauty Collection Upgrades a Favorite
Wayne, NJ / January 3, 2021 – Finishing Touch Flawless™, the Church & Dwight Co., Inc. (NYSE:CHD) beauty brand, announces a new and enhanced, skin-friendly eyebrow beauty device with the simultaneous worldwide distribution. The newest edition of Flawless™ Brows takes the device beyond brow maintenance and into shaping without damaging the delicate skin around a woman's eyes. The 18 karat gold-plated head is now so precise that it can erase a single eyebrow hair, or many from the surface of the skin.
Best Selling At-Home Beauty Collection Launches Newest At-Home Innovation
Wayne, NJ / February 8, 2021 - Finishing Touch® Flawless is expanding their Flawless skincare line with a new at-home salon and spa treatment device, Finishing Touch Flawless Cleanse Spa. The innovative 3-in-1 tool - a body cleanser, exfoliator, and massager - puts a pampering spa-like experience into the hands of every woman.
Best Selling At-Home Beauty Brand Expands into Self-Care Products
Wayne, NJ / February 15, 2021 -  Finishing Touch Flawless™ is expanding into a new product category with its latest launch, Finishing Touch Flawless Salon Nails. The at-home manicure-pedicure tool is designed to deliver beautiful nails without having to leave the comfort and safety of your own home.

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We've all experienced the "uh-oh" moment when you see a stray chin hair, notice a shadow over your lip, or spot the dreaded growth of a unibrow. The literal and figurative pain of waxing, shaving, lasering and layering of chemicals to fight this battle only lends in pain and embarrassment of these moments. Whether you're just entering the world of beauty, or a beauty veteran, these moments pop up consistently throughout our lives and effect the way we present ourselves throughout our day.

Finishing Touch Flawless™ knows all too well what it's like when you look in the mirror and what you see on the outside, affects how you feel on the inside.

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