Facial Steamer

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At-Home skin care system that uses a constant stream of warm steam to help promote a more radiant complexion!

  • Releases a constant, steady stream of steam for up to 15 minutes to help promote a more radiant facial complexion.
  • Beautifully designed with a two-sided mirror, so you have option to use while streaming, or as makeup mirror on your vanity.
  • Use your Flawless Facial Steamer to create a soothing, luxurious spa treatment in the comfort and safety of your own home.
  • Comes with a removable tank so it is easy to fill.
  • Features a lighted on/off button.

*Water tank does not support use of lotion, essential oils, etc.

Pure Clean Mitts (7 Mitts)

Pure Clean Mitts
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Five Star Customer Reviews

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The Flawless mission is to help women everywhere look and feel their best. We provide the best, innovative solutions for everyday beauty problems by making products that provide the Finishing Touch needed to look and feel Flawless every day.

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We've all experienced the "uh-oh" moment when you see a stray chin hair, notice a shadow over your lip, or spot the dreaded growth of a unibrow. The literal and figurative pain of waxing, shaving, lasering and layering of chemicals to fight this battle only lends in pain and embarrassment of these moments. Whether you're just entering the world of beauty, or a beauty veteran, these moments pop up consistently throughout our lives and effect the way we present ourselves throughout our day.

Finishing Touch Flawless™ knows all too well what it's like when you look in the mirror and what you see on the outside, affects how you feel on the inside.

Be Flawless From Head To Toe™


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