Don't put on your makeup without it™

Painlessly shapes brows with precision and finesse. Sleek enough, so you always have a sculpted brow wherever you go.

Features & Benefits:
  • FINISHING TOUCH FLAWLESS Brows precisely shapes every inch of your brows
  • 100% increased precision versus previous generations
  • NEW sleek body design
  • A quick, simple routine for beautiful brows instantly
  • Salon results in the comfort of home
  • 18K Gold Plated head erases brow hair from the surface of the skin
  • NO redness, nicks, or cuts.
  • Dermatologist Approved, hypoallergenic
  • Built-in LED ring light for 360° precision so you never miss a hair
  • 1 AAA battery included

Pro Tip: Self-Sharpening Blades are designed to maintain their sharpness over time. For optimal self-sharpening performance of the blades, keep the double halo heads clean and clear of hair and debris.

How to Clean: After each use, twist to remove the head, tap on counter to remove excess hair. If needed use cotton swab to clear out any remaining hair.

Available in: Lavendar or Rose

Finishing Touch Flawless™ Brows FAQ

Q1: How easy is Finishing Touch Flawless™ Brows 4.0 to use?

The more you use Finishing Touch Flawless™ Brows 4.0, the more precise your results will be. Please allow time for your hair and skin to become accustomed to this new innovative way to remove hair.

Q2: What is the best way to use Flawless™ Brows 4.0?

We recommend moving in short strokes going left/right or right/left motions around your brow, making sure unwanted hair can get into the cutting slots of the product head.

Q3: Can I use product on my face after using Flawless™ Brows 4.0?

Yes! There is no “downtime” after using Flawless™ Brows, though it is normal to experience mild redness. It’s the perfect first step in your beauty routine before applying makeup.

Q4: Does Flawless™ Brows 4.0 require replacement heads?

No! Flawless™ Brows 4.0 does not require replacement heads. Simply follow the cleaning instructions found on the product insert to clean out the excess hair after each use.

Q5: How often should I clean my Finishing Touch Flawless™ Brows unit?

After each use, clean the head of your Finishing Touch Flawless™ Brows unit with the brush that is included.

Q6: How do I clean my Finishing Touch Flawless™ Brows unit?

Be sure the Finishing Touch Flawless™ Brows unit is turned off before cleaning. Twist the head counter-clockwise and lift off. Gently brush away hair residue on the stem of the unit. Also use the brush inside the head. Then, place head back on unit and twist clockwise until it locks back in place.

Q7: My Finishing Touch Flawless™ Brows sounds sluggish and is not cutting. What is wrong?

First, remove the precision tip from the body and clean out any hair or debris, then retry the unit. If it still sounds sluggish, it may be time to replace the AAA battery.

Q8: The Finishing Touch Flawless™ Brows precision tip is getting warm. Is something wrong?

It is normal for the head to become warm during use, however, it should not become so warm that it is uncomfortable to use. If you experience this, clean the precision tip as indicated in the provided instructions and try using again.

Q9: My Finishing Touch Flawless™ Brows doesn’t seem to be removing any hair. What could be wrong?

The Finishing Touch Flawless™ Brows is intended to be used on dry skin, free of any creams or cosmetic residue. If you are not experiencing any hair removal, try thoroughly washing and drying your face and trying again.

Q10: Is Finishing Touch Flawless Brow Hair remover recommended for shaping your eyebrows?

Flawless Brows is an everyday maintenance clean up tool to be used in between your regular eyebrow wax or threading appointment. It is not recommended for shaping your eyebrows.

Q11: Does Finishing Touch Flawless Brow Hair Remover contain nickel?

Finishing Touch Flawless Brow Hair Remover does not contain nickel.

Q12: Is Flawless Brows 4.0 Rechargeable?

Finishing Touch Flawless Brows 4.0 is battery.